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Sleep with the fishes

When you mention “sleeping with the fishes,” back in the days of Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde and George “Baby Face” Nelson, you might be able to get what we mean. Not something that you would aspire to.

No, it means something entirely different from our intentions here. When we say sleep with the fishes, we mean exactly that. If you’re one of those who’s seen it before and done it before, we have something new for you. There are a number of luxurious (and some not so) places to lay your head at night, only to wake the next morning to have the little (and sometimes large) creatures tapping gently on your window.

Here we feature the luxurious Atlantis the Palm in ever-thrilling Dubai. Nestled between the calm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf and the majestic Dubai skyline, Atlantis, The Palm is the crown of the world-famous Palm Island in Dubai. Home to some 65,000 marine animals, you can become one of them by staying in the luxurious underwater suites See below to book.

They’re saying “Good Morning!”
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