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Pursue a new UNESCO

It’s September of 2023. Any thinking person will be aware of and supportive of UNESCO. As we watch the world fall / burn to pieces over these past couple of years, we need the organisation even more. Big oil is still beating its chest to the call of dozens of waiting billionaires. All the while, the forests burn, the rivers carve torrents in the driest of places and the humans and animals that often have the least have nowhere to go because of it. Since 1945, UNESCO has acted as the police against wanton, selfish and pointless destruction of the earth’s treasures. In this enlightened time, they truly have their work cut out for them. They need our support.

Like much of Canada, Anticosti is a sparse place, the way that the residents like it.

Even in the midst of our flaming earth, UNESCO still does its work. Just recently, the organisation has selected a new candidate for inclusion, and it happens to be in Canada. (Canada is a big place with a population who is thankful for what nature offers, and we do our best to do the right things.) The Government of Canada announced on Tuesday that UNESCO has now included Anticosti, an island in the Canadian Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec, to the World Heritage List in its 45th annual session in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. So, what does this mean? The Canadian government indicated that Anticosti has a total area of almost 10,000 square kilometres and a coastline that boasts over 550 kilometres.

Canada is a big place, but that is a massive chunk of land. The good thing is that the large share of Canadians respect the earth, take care of it and promote its care. And, if you don’t mind us saying so, it’s a great place to visit, especially if your values are in the right place. Come and find out for yourself. Read more here courtesy of

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