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Let’s go ma, to the MoMa

It’s never too early (or too late) to get into art. It’s everywhere, which is fantastic. But, the real thrill is to find your way to the real destinations, where art is not just presented, but also where it is revered, and those who are tasked with managing it completely and wholeheartedly devote themselves to their work. And we’re lucky nowadays where having access to art treasures from all around the world are so accessible and approachable. And even if you’re an art buff from way back, the technologies that art museums have now literally bring art to life – art has so much life to share.

Sure, you may not be into the paintings from the Renaissance, but you will surely be turned on by the masters of modern art. It’s one thing to see pictures of the art, but it is something else entirely to be up close and personal, as they say. Click here to get hip courtesy of

So, New York’s Moma (Museum of Modern Art) has a really spectacular show going on now: twenty-six artworks that you shouldn’t miss at Moma. This is an expert’s compendium of some of the best and the brightest artists that the world had – and has – to offer. And, need we say . . . it’s NYC. Bonus!

Visit the real thing. Amazing art, and a Frank Lloyd Wright building. Heaven. Click here.

New York – an endless parade activities. Click here for ideas. Click here to enjoy the Opera House Hotel

Rail, bus, flights or more, OMIO can get you there to NYC. Click here.

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