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Samsara on sale? Yes!

If you appreciate quality and innovative design, then you will recognise the Samara name.  Their products push the boundaries for travellers. Samsara holds a deep belief in creating a world where the inconvenient part of traveling becomes an effortless experience. Samsara Luggage is dedicated to combine and utilize cutting edge technology and design within its products.…

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Have a nice trip

A psychedelic experience can be deeply rewarding, but also carries real risks. Here’s how to avoid a bad trip. Humans have consumed substances with consciousness-altering properties for millennia. Traditional societies used them in healing rituals, initiation ceremonies and to make contact with the gods and the dead, among other practices. Today they are…

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Hammocks amongst us

Hammocks are a great lightweight alternative to a tent when camping or backpacking. While hammock stands let you lounge around in your backyard, the best camping hammocks let you set up a comfortable bed in the great outdoors. Hanging out above the ground on a hammock suspended between trees has always had a magical feel to it,…

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