You can be a star!

What to do in a new world where travel is put on pause? For some, it meant perfecting the sourdough. Or perhaps tackling that 1000-piece puzzle you got years ago. But let’s be honest, it’s been the year of the screens. The year of the Netflix queue. The year of “let’s watch Harry Potter all the way through again.” And that’s okay.

We’re all looking for ways to experience the world when it has been out of reach for so long. But what movie-watching can do for wanderlust cannot be understated. We’ve all seen Indiana Jones and wanted to go on an international adventure. So while you are making your way through your watchlist, use it as an opportunity to spark inspiration for your next trip when that becomes “a thing” again. Soon enough, we hope. Here are our top five destinations to add to your list that are straight out of classic movies.

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