Like a Virgin?

The crystal waters of the Caribbean are a treasure chest of emerald isles, adorned with unspoiled retreats that attract the world’s elite, year after year. Nestled between Puerto Rico and Anguilla are The British Virgin Islands, an archipelago home to some of the most picturesque landscapes in the Caribbean. With a private charter flight to The British Virgin Islands, you can spend your days soaking up sun rays on velvety shores, and your nights swaying your hips to iconic Calypso music

evoJets Partnership with BVI Tourism

And what better way to get there?  evoJets has partnered with BVI Tourism in advance of its reopening to international visitors on December 1st. Our team is excited to bring tourism back to life in the BVI!

In recognition of the partnership, Evo is offering a $1,500 trip credit to clients booking flights into the BVI, redeemable toward any flight-related costs. Evo will also make a matching donation to Seeds of Love, whose mission is to replant the islands’ indigenous trees and vegetation in the wake of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

A worthwhile adventure in more ways that one, wouldn’t you say?

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