Dome alone

There are lots of reasons to visit Cleveland, Ohio – many of which are listed below.

But, when you venture out into the suburbs and beyond, you will encounter more than you might expect from this quiet part of the USA.  And one completely unexpected experience is the ASM geodesic dome.

It sits on the 45-acre campus known as Materials Park and has been home to the headquarters of ASM International (formerly known as the American Society for Metals.`)  Renowned futurist R. Buckminster Fuller was on the team of designers. With an open latticework geodesic dome arching over a semi-circular office building, ASM International World Headquarters at Materials Park symbolizes humanity’s technological mastery of materials. Hailed 50 years ago for its futuristic design, Materials Park is renowned today for its timelessness. In 2009, Materials Park was named to the National Register of Historic Places, and an exciting renovation was completed in July 2011.

And, you can go visit and walk around the grounds.  See more courtesy of ASM International.
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