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Panama Banal?

Hardly! And, so, here’s another post for those with palpable wanderlust. Are you the type? Do you long to see everywhere on the planet before you shuffle off this mortal coil? Do you have no problems with wandering through the weeds or the woods to find yourself in nowhere, so to speak? Do package tours make you snooze? Well, how about an adventure that includes “far away places,” amazing scenery and machinery and a piece of history all in one place? Well, you’ve guessed it – it’s the Panama Canal. And before we get into why you should make a point to see it, learn more about why it’s so important: see below.

This vital viaduct that connects the world – literally – may be facing an uncertain future. Can the world’s most important canal be saved before it runs dry? For more by The B1M subscribe now –

For background: the Panama Canal has been a critical infrastructure element since its opening in 1914, and its importance has only increased with the growth of global trade and interconnectivity. Efforts to expand and modernize the canal, such as the completion of the Panama Canal Expansion Project in 2016, demonstrate its ongoing significance in the 21st century.

And, of course, as is our mission, both the canal and Panama itself are definitely worth your while if you want to see and do something different. The country is beautiful and its people are friendly and welcoming.

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