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No Mr. Bond. I expect you to dry . . .

. . . out, that is. It’s underwater, after all. So what’s all this about? Well, after many, many decades, the “secret” World War 2 tunnels under London are now less and less secret may soon be available for all to visit. The always interesting and “almost available” Kingsway Exchange Tunnels will be opening up for us regular punters to go see and visit. This is a pretty big deal, with the UK “opening the kimono” in a rather surprising fashion.

If you’re a London fan, the underground is not just taking The Tube. In addition to said Exchange Tunnels, there are also Post Office edifices where you can enjoy a day, in the dark (just kidding) learning about how a city that was regularly bombed operates. Recently, plans for a $268 million transformation of London’s mile-long Kingsway Exchange Tunnels were unveiled. The expansive underground quarters were built in the 1940s to shelter locals from the Blitz bombing campaign during World War II. That was also the last time they were open to the public, well over 73 years ago. This will be fun. Read more here courtesy of The Robb Report.

And if you’re looking for a real Bond-like, white knuckle adventure jump on a scooter with YouTuber Beans On Toast as he sniffs his way through London history, hunting around for the two remaining entrances to a once top-secret cold war bunker system in the heart of London. Use this video to get yourself ready for the real thing.

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