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Do you speak Livonian? Does anyone?

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know how available the world is . . at your fingertips, in many cases. The internet, cheap flights, Google Translate on your phone. If you haven’t lived the (sometimes) nightmare of trying to travel in the 1960’s or 1970’s, then thank your lucky stars that you live in this day and age. You can not only get by nowadays, you can even thrive: once you get the translation in motion, and all participants have joined in (even on a street corner) it becomes fun. And it almost never fails.

But, welcome to Livonia. The far northern coast of Latvia is home to a place called Livonia, and once upon a time to a bunch of people called Livonians. The Livonian language was related to Estonian rather than Latvian and shaped by their access to the sea. Some articles state that the number of speakers remaining might be less than 20. Learn the language and you might be able to add this to your arsenal of linguistics. Watch video below (and text above) about this most unusual place. Read more and watch the video courtesy of Don’t Look East..

Text in the prologue above courtesy of the video’s creator, Don’t Look East.

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