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Massive mining machines

This post is not only interesting and enlightening (let alone unusual for a travel site,) but it’s also fun. When did you ever think that Massive Mining Machines could be fun? In most applications, it would be considered to be as dry as a bone. But, happily, that will not happen here, as your host for this adventure is the irrepressible, astute and funny Tim Traveler. We feature Tim a lot, purely because his posts are “different” fun and witty. And this instalment doesn’t disappoint.

And, all jokes aside, when you watch this video, only then will you fully grasp the importance of fire-belching machines like these in not only our history, but also as a portend of what things might be in the future. Thank the heavens for empresarios and inventors who have, systematically, made our world today that much better. And, where has machinery like this been most prevalent and most visible? Germany, of course.

As Tim states on his site “Germany is famously home to some of the largest vehicles on the planet: the oversized Bagger excavators. But because these monsters usually live in active coal mines, you are usually unable to get anywhere near them. Which is why I’ve come to an abandoned mine instead…”

Watch Tim’s take on this behemoth park of fire-belching iron monsters.

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