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LeBoat. And we quote….

The world is a rather big place, blanketed with water, glorious water. In fact, about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. And that H20 that courses through us also draws us in as humans as if we were hypnotized. Did you know that up to 60% of the human adult body is water? According to Mitchell and other scientists (1945), the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. (read more science here.)

That brief anatomy lesson gives us some idea of why holidays that feature water are so beguiling. And, for those where the beach or a pool isn’t quite enough, the next logical step is . . ta-da: a boat. Many lucky individuals own boats; for most of us though, having a boat is a distant dream. But not anymore. And, if you have the dream to captain a vessel of the sea, we can help. Please meet our new affiliate friends, Le Boat.

They are the #1 provider of boating holidays on Europe and Canada‘s beautiful inland waterways. Le Boat have the world’s largest fleet of self-drive boats to hire and the widest choice of fabulous boating holiday destinations to choose from! Admit it – it’s a dream to see yourself gently coursing through the rivers of Le Canal du Midi in France, or the icy clear waters of Canada. Well, here is your chance. Click here to select your vessel and experience spectacular adventures that you won’t soon forget.

Can you see yourself gliding through Le Canal du Midi in France? Yes, of course you can! Click here.

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