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It’s the Manbow Tunnel. Duck!

Here’s another one of those posts where you get to experience places that you may never see, but should. But this one is very particular, because it focuses on a particular place (in this case, Japan) in a particular city (Nishinomiya) and, amongst other joys, it hosts a delightful little (or should we say small) feature that will make you stop and ponder. It’s the Too Narrow Tunnel in Hyogo/Japan.

What is it? It’s the ceiling of a narrow tunnel under a railway line in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, and it’s so low that adults must stoop over as they pass through. Despite this, what locals have nicknamed the “Manbow Tunnel” remains a busy and vital passageway in daily life. Among people using the tunnel could be a woman taking the shortest route to the supermarket, or a family who likes the thrill of this unusual path under the tracks. For three days, NHK WORLD took a closer look at this tunnel and its role in the local community. All text above and video below courtesy of NHK WORLD – JAPAN. Line up neatly to visit this fun way to stretch your limbs.

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You know that once you see it, you’ll want to go through it. Leave your 4×4 at home. Image courtesy of NHK WORLD – JAPAN.

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