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Make no Mustique about it

If you are looking for luxury, privacy and even a certain amount of secrecy, there is one place that – perhaps without you even knowing it – fits the bill. It’s the lush environs where kings and queens frequent – literally. You may need to prove your worth before you’re even considered for a stay. And it will cost you a pretty penny if you do, and some effort to actually get there. It’s Mustique.

Mustique is a small private island located in the Caribbean Sea, part of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is known for its exclusivity, privacy, and luxurious resorts. Mustique is situated in the southeastern Caribbean, approximately 18 miles south of St. Vincent. It is part of a chain of islands known as the Grenadines. The island is privately owned and managed by the Mustique Company, which is owned by the residents of the island. The company ensures the preservation of the island’s natural beauty and the exclusivity of the Mustique experience.

Mustique is renowned for its exclusivity and privacy. The island is a favorite destination for celebrities, royalty, (England’s Princess Margaret adored the place) and so do affluent individuals seeking a secluded and serene getaway. So, make sure you’re looking your best before stepping off as the random plane touches down.

And, again, remember that it’s important to note that Mustique is a private island, and access is restricted to guests staying at the island’s accommodations or individuals with permission to visit. The island aims to provide a high level of exclusivity and privacy for its visitors.

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