“Be” adventures

At the time of this writing, the world is starting to look forward to a Covid-free future.  Governments are – mostly –  doing their jobs and protecting their citizens.

It will come as no surprise that many of those citizens want to travel, once more.  The pent-up demand will help to save not only cash-strapped airlines and hotels, but entire communities – especially those that rely solely on travelers. 

But what will travel look like in the future?  Our affiliate friends, G Adventures have a view. Founder Bruce Poon Tip stated “said there are lots of indicators that can be taken as positive signs for the future of travel as we re-emerge from this pandemic. “People are becoming more purposeful about where they want to go, and they are thinking about why they want to go to a destination rather than thinking about the amenities. It just takes a few people to make a huge difference,” he said. “There has been more change during March, 2021 than any other month since the pandemic hit.”

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