Brutalist love

If you’ve been to London (or for the next time you do) be sure – if you haven’t – to visit The Barbican.

An icon of Brutalist architecture, the Barbican has always been controversial. Voted ‘London’s ugliest building’ in 2003, among design aficionados it’s one of the UK’s architectural treasures.

Home to some 4,000 residents across 2,000 flats, organised around schools, a church, a library, an artificial lake, conservatory and an entire arts centre, the Barbican demonstrates when an altruistic idea actually works.  Egalitarian,  accessible (you can freely walk around it) and unforgettable, be sure to see this treasure.

And, there is so much more to do in London.

ebookers, part of Expedia, used to have its offices just by Barbican

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