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Is skiplagging flagging?

A few years back, an online website, Skiplagged, appeared, promising to “find flights the airlines don’t want you to see,” as their motto says. Their website explains: Our unique algorithm shows the cheapest regular flights and hidden-city flights faster than any other site. Hidden-city flights refer to itineraries with multiple legs where the traveler exits prior to the final destination.

As an example, a traveler who wants to go to San Francisco from New York would book a flight that is ticketed for NYC -> San Fran -> Seattle and end their travel once they arrive in San Fran and skip the leg to Seattle. This results in savings of up to 80% using Skiplagged.  Skiplagging is one particular practice that enables travelers to get from point A to point B for “less than the going rate.”

Fast forward to today: the same as a few years back, everyone wants to save money, so, when it comes to air travel, catching a seat sale can be tricky, especially when travel dates are fixed. But some travel companies are questioning

However, doing so is controversial and most certainly frowned upon by airlines. Let’s look at this practice and why airlines hate it.

Read more here courtesy of one of our favourite air travel sites, And if you are curious about the pluses and minuses of trying this kind of approach, click here for Skiplag’s site.

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