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I wanna be like you chu chu

As if Machu Pichu isn’t thrilling enough, the clever Peruvian people have found a way to make your stay there even stickier and more fun. (We’ll come to that in a moment.)

Above and beyond that most desired location, Peru has so many add-ons or alternatives that will absolutely take your breath away, especially when you go at the right time of year (May.) And part of the Peruvian people’s beliefs is the idea that animals are paramount and should be treated as equals to humans. Peruvian culture is rich and diverse, shaped by its indigenous roots, colonial history, and various external influences. As a result, what is important to Peruvian people can vary widely based on factors such as region, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, and personal beliefs. And, when you think about it, their values are in the right place.

It's more than the bear necessities.  Paws for a moment and enjoy the moment.

And, of course, Peru’s stunning natural landscapes, from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest, hold great importance to the people. Many Peruvians have a strong connection to the land and nature, and issues related to environmental conservation and sustainable development are increasingly relevant.

So, take a deeper look into the jungle, and you’ll find a few Andean bears who have been living their best life at Inkaterra’s quiet bear sanctuary for the past two decades. And, our affiliate friends, Going, say that the good news is there are plenty of bear lovers in Peru—and the Inkaterra Andean Bear Sanctuary located within the hotel property, in particular—who pour their love for this species into conservation efforts. Click here to learn more and book with Going.

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