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Hi, Shanghai!

For many, Shanghai still has an aura of the unusual, the murky, the mysterious. So many books and films have promoted this “legend.” And, like any huge city, Shanghai does harbour its secrets, its mysteries and its “hard to explains.” But, what you see when you fully open your eyes you’ll discover that Shanghai is actually a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers a wide range of unique and unusual experiences.

For example, when you’re there, explore the Propaganda Poster Art Center: Visit this fascinating museum dedicated to Chinese propaganda art from the mid-20th century. It showcases a vast collection of posters, paintings, and artifacts that offer insights into China’s political and cultural history.

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Wander through Tianzifang: This artsy district in Shanghai is known for its narrow alleyways and traditional shikumen houses. It’s a great place to discover local boutiques, art galleries, and craft shops, as well as enjoy cozy cafes and restaurants.

Here’s an unusual one. Check out the Shanghai Marriage Market: People’s Park hosts a unique gathering every weekend where parents try to find suitable partners for their adult children. Stroll through the market and witness this traditional matchmaking ritual, where parents exchange information and details on handwritten posters. Youth . . . run away, run away!

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