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Dork alert. Old ferries, cables and wires

The title of this post pretty much sums up me, your Matouring Admin. Our children shake their heads in shame / utter dispair when they’re presented with the next history “adventure” by the parents. But, many youth today can’t identify a record turntable, or a wall phone, or a slide show or even a manual transmission in a car, let alone know how to use one. We do our best to enlighten them of the importance, and how we got here today because of these obscure human attempts at making a better world. So, for you believers, here’s a true prize when it comes to “obscure” and “dorky”: “The First (And Now Last) Overhead Wire Electric Ferry In Europe” And, even better, your host today is the always excited, always knowledgeable and one of our favourite anoraks* on the planet –Tim Traveler.

STRAUSSEE FERRY IS THE ONLY free-floating electric ferry in Europe, getting its power through an overhead wire. The Strausberg Railway launched the Straussee Ferry in 1915. It uses a single vessel named “Steffi”, which is however not the boat used at inauguration, as it was built in 1967 and can transport 100 people at a time—more than enough to earn its keep in this picturesque German community. Read more here, courtesy of

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