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Don’t step out of line.

The world is a tumultuous place, especially now (2024.) Conflict has broken out nearly everywhere and – no surprise – so have a horrifying number of people have perished as a result. So much of this tumult is founded on history and borders; just land. Earth is a huge place, and yet the fighting for this piece of land or that piece of land rarely seems to see sense, stop the fighting and get along with one another. There are some places, though, where peace has prevailed, even though the possibility of tension has been hovering overhead. And here, we talk about one such arrangement that – at one point – was fraught with fighting and its results. Luckily, though, the two countries – not without painful periods of negotiation – managed to find the sweet spot and have flourished since. (Keep that in mind as you watch the video.)

The two countries were The USA (no surprise there) and Canada, who you would not necessarily associate with border skirmishes or war. But, yes there was a period where this was true. Watch the video below.

Unlike the south of the US border, The United States and Canada have historically maintained strong diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties. Both countries are democratic nations with similar values and interests, which fosters cooperation and peaceful relations.

The two countries share the longest undefended border in the world, spanning over 5,500 miles (8,800 kilometers). This vast border has historically been peaceful and cooperative, reflecting the friendly relationship between the two nations. (How about that for a hiking adventure?)

There are also mutual values, too. The United States and Canada share common interests in areas such as trade, security, and environmental protection. Cooperation on these issues is mutually beneficial, leading to a desire to maintain peaceful relations and resolve any disputes through diplomatic means. And it has, indeed worked for hundreds of years, and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

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