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An Urban Dutch Ballet

You can always trust the Nordic countries (and we’re including The Netherlands here) who, in our eyes at least, have understood the idea of working together for the greater whole for a very long time. When you are living in a place where space can be at a premium, living is not cheap and, thus, citizens need to be efficient and thrifty, and to learn a lot about how to make things better, and how to make them last.

So, when we discovered this video a few days ago, we were squealing with delight to see one country and its cities just get it. Watch how they have mastered traffic and, at the same time, city transit, with no cars in sight. This is what we all should be aspiring for. Amsterdam’s urban planning is a template on how to do it. Amsterdam has a well-designed urban layout that prioritizes walkability and accessibility. The city’s compact size allows residents to easily navigate their surroundings, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Separate of their successes in mobility, and despite being a bustling urban center, Amsterdam prioritizes green spaces and sustainability initiatives. Parks, gardens, and recreational areas are integrated into the cityscape, providing residents with opportunities for relaxation and recreation. If you have that, people choose to walk. Shopping thrives. Friendships are developed. It just makes so much sense.

Make no mistake, Amsterdam is a big place, but tightly packed. They need to be smart, and they are.

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Amsterdam lives and breathes creativity. One moment you walk into a building from the 17th century, and the next you find yourself in a hub of creative start-up companies. (Quote: Marcel Wanders.)

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