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Appalachia: are you ready?

We here at Matouring do our best to explore and unveil the world to you, our erudite and open-minded readers. But it occurred to us recently that there is one place in the world that we have missed, and that’s Appalachia.

First of all, let’s set the setting. Appalachia is a part of the USA, and one that doesn’t often appear in travel blogs like ours. In many ways, it is a forgotten place in the States and one that conjures up as many different opinions about the place as much as it conjures up controversy.

Appalachia is a cultural region located in the central and southern sections of the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern United States.  This part of the world tends to be the target of jokes and ridicule (the derogative phrase “hillbilly”) is often used. But, in reality Appalachia is made up of 423 counties across 13 states and spans 206,000 square miles, from southern New York to northern Mississippi and even modern and cosmopolitan Pittsburgh is part of this banding.

Watch the video below and learn more about this “almost lost” land.

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