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Your Tours tour

France never gets tiring, unless you wear yourself out by living life to the fullest there. Of course, Paris is at the top of the list for most people, as is Marseille or Nice or Bordeaux. Few countries have the variety or diversity that France has, in pretty much all aspects. And maybe you’ve been to those lovely places.

But have you thought about Tours? This compelling city is a university town between France’s Cher and Loire rivers. Once a Gallic-Roman settlement, today it’s a university town and a traditional gateway for exploring the chateaux of the Loire Valley region. Major landmarks include the cathedral, Saint-Gatien, whose flamboyant Gothic facade is flanked by towers with 12th-century bases and Renaissance tops.

As with any French city, the buildings are historic, the food is indescribable and, in this case, the weather is almost always perfect. Give Tours a try. The virtual walk, below, is your taster.

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