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Won’t you take me to donkey town?

Every place needs its day in the sun, no matter what. Humans need a place to reside, perhaps with a sense of pride, even if there is little to boast about. Some of us have the capacity and ability to jet off to places new, while others never (or rarely) experience the freedom of leaving some place behind, even if it is fleeting.

But what happens when the place you want to leave behind finds its own way to bring you back? There’s a place in Colorado, USA, where the town has not gone to the dogs, but to the donkeys, instead. Hee haw, you’re in for a real treat when you go off the beaten path and spend a day in  Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Every spring, the town of Cripple Creek, Colo., sets loose its herd of donkeys to roam free around town until autumn rolls around The tradition of releasing the donkeys in Cripple Creek goes back 92 years — though the origin story dates back more than a century. Once upon a time, during the gold rush, the community was a booming mining town, and the donkeys were laborer’s. Now they are the stars of the show, where they  roam free around town. Read more here and images courtesy of

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