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Who needs trunks when you’re an elephant?

If there’s a vice or a trade that hurts animals, we’re against it. The wanton, senseless murder for sport went on for far too long to the point of annihilating a number of species, many of them endangered to being with.

But, are you heading off on a mindful safari? How thrilling, especially when the elephants come home happy, too. Elephant hunting, which used to be an accepted activity in Kenya, for example was banned in 1973, as was the entire ivory trade. Poaching continues, as there is still international demand for elephant tusks. Kenya pioneered the destruction of ivory as a way to combat this black market: a harsh way to solve the problem. Elephant poaching continues to pose a threat to the population – when will it end?

Maybe it will end when we all finally agree that elephants are beautiful animals, just like us. They have families. They grow old. They have personalities. Watch the video below to see what we mean. Beautiful.

Well, of course the elephant needs trunks. How will they visit the pool?

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