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Where to go next?

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to travel, and you have already traveled afar, you may wonder what to do if you feel like you’ve been there and done that. Where should you go next? Especially since there are 195 countries in the world – that’s a lot of ground to cover, in more ways than one.

We like to feature as many interesting places as we can, here at Matouring. We love to travel and we love to discover something new on every trip. But, there are only a few of us here, so we can only go so far.

Luckily, we have the power of the Internet – specifically the crowd-sourced wonder that is Wikipedia. And, conveniently, we present to you Wikipedia’s World Tourism rankings. As they say . . .

The World Tourism rankings are compiled by the United Nations World Tourism Organization as part of their World Tourism Barometer publication, which is released up to six times per year. In the publication, destinations are ranked by the number of international visitor arrivals, by the revenue generated by inbound tourism, and by the expenditure of outbound travelers. These are from 2019, but are still very representative.

So now you have your shopping list!

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