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When a home just feels Wright

Once again, forgive us for focusing on Frank Lloyd Wright, but how many places or things or activities can be as heart-stopping and forever-memorable as the man’s work? We’ve been visiting and lusting after his efforts since we were in our early twenties, and that’s a long time ago. When you take a typical fiberboard building of today (all made of ticky tacky,) they all look the same, don’t you think? Mr. Wright made sure that his works were made for forever, and that they always transcended the normal – and they have.

It’s not often when you can visit one, as each one is unique and precious, but recently a video has been posted online by Architectural Digest that gives you a walk-through of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s final-ever designs. For fans of the designer, this is a real thrill, as there are only so many Wright houses, and most of them are in the hands of private owners. However, the owner of this particular building has opened it up for all to see, virtually. Watch below, courtesy of Architectural Digest.

The location of this property has been kept private, per the wishes of the owners. Click above to explore. But if you want to see other Wright properties, click here for your Wright smorgasbord.

Folk singer Pete Seeger had the Wright idea when he wrote one of his best songs, Little Boxes. Click above.

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Stay in a Wright property, the Arizona Biltmore. We’ve been there. Gorgeous. Click here to book.

You’ll need a car in the USA and Canada. Thrifty is a great choice. Click here to book.

Click here for Frank the Lloyd Wright Robie House and more. Viator have your tickets.

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