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What year is this? Which decade?

At the time of this writing, it’s May of 2023. There are multiple wars underway. The environment is in utter turmoil. The number of billionaires has shot through the roof. And the poor are fighting for their lives. And, as if that isn’t bad enough, women still encounter challenges when they travel abroad alone.

There are a number of places on the planet that are pretty much no-go for anyone. But, the world is calling out to one and all that they “are the place where you want to be” and still have dismal records on women traveling and being safe and sound as they attempt to enjoy themselves.

Research by Norwegian Cruise Line has found that one in three travellers prefers to travel solo, and older women in particular are driving the trend. According to internal research by travel network Virtuoso, the greatest increase in solo travel in 2022 came from women aged 65 and older. While they accounted for only 4% of solo travellers in 2019, they made up 18% of solo travellers in 2022. That’s a huge jump, and one that should make travel companies think hard about how women can best be served. Read more here courtesy of the And don’t forget to watch DemocracyNow every week day. Click here.

Slovenia has made big strides in the perception of women’s safety in recent years, with 85% of women feeling safe here, according to the index. (
With 55% of its parliament made up of women representatives, Rwanda ranks number one in the world for its gender equality in parliament. (
Solo female travellers will generally find a safe and secure environment across the United Arab Emirates (

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