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We’re going to need a bigger runway

Those of us who fly regularly often take for granted how these roaring metal behemoth beasts get us where we want to go while coursing through the heavens at speeds of 880–926 km/h 475–500 kn; 547–575 mph. And we also rarely think of how many countries and cities are connected by jet travel and what that has brought to their people. Even more, in the past five to ten years, air travel has become a reality for some who once never thought they’d ever leave the ground.

So, a big, big round of applause to those workers who make this happen for us. But, did you ever wonder about the wonder of how some pioneer planes not only got off the ground, but managed to fly? Obviously, it’s a quixotic mix of brains, aerodynamics and faith (of some sort.) Logically, then, as the planes get longer / wider / taller, the airports will need to respond. Watch the video below, courtesy of DW News to see what the future holds. No matter how you slice it, the future’s going to be big.

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PS: the monstrous plane that you see at the top of the post shuttles other planes and parts around the world. In this case, it’s the Airbus Beluga.

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