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Wendy Woo Woo!

All aboard! Can you think of anything better than taking a long, leisurely train trip through any one of many exotic locations. And imagine if everything is handled for you. Well our affiliate friends, Wendy Wu have come to the rescue with all sorts of rail relaxtion options.

Travelling by Train is one of the most enjoyable and immersive ways to travel there is allowing you to meet the locals and allowing you to soak up the sights and sounds in a way that just isn’t possible from 35,000ft. And no check-in queues, lengthy transfers or security hassles either!

Embark on an unforgettable expedition on the world’s highest railway as you journey across the ‘roof of the world’ on the Tibetan Railroad tour. Feel the rush of a bullet train as you whizz from high-tech cities to ancient towns in Japan or soak up the colourful kaleidoscope of daily life as you ride the rails in India.

Now, who wouldn’t want to do that? Click here to get on the right track. Click here to look and book.

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