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We can see heroes

…. just for one day. If you’re of a certain age (like us) and of a certain leaning, you’ll no likely see January 10, 2016 as a very sad day. That was the day that David Bowie left us. In his own way, he knew the day was coming and planned it all meticulously. Even his family, we are told, were taken by surprise. The rest of us were in shock for months. There were very few artists could consistently produce one ground-breaking product after another, as he did. And he not only went from strength to strength, he also leapt from style to style, even doing duets with other stellar artists such as Queen, Cher, Tina Turner, Marianne Faithfull …. and even Bing Crosby. We doubt we’ll ever see anyone like him soon.

Bowie spent many years in Berlin, a city he truly loved, and there, he created his Berlin Trilogy (Low, Heroes, and Lodger) – which consisted of three studio albums. And, now you can experience Bowie’s Berlin through the expert eyes of his followers.

Budget: $$
Typical Prices for 2 people – Hotel: US $303; travel US $148; activities from US $85.00
When to go: anytime
Family friendly: 4 of 5 stars
Public transportation: 5 of 5 stars
Main languages: German, English (which is excellent in Berlin)
English speaking: 4 of 5 stars
LGBTQ+ Equality Index rank: 84 / 100

Our affiliate friends Musement are offering the David Bowie’s Berlin city tour. What will you see on this tour?

-Travel back in time to the Cold War that inspired David Bowie’s Berlin albums
-Start at the legendary club Zoo Station and follow Bowie’s trail to the flat he shared with Iggy Pop
– Take a stroll by the Hansa recording studios where Bowie’s music reached its creative peak
– Discover Bowie’s strange inspirational attachment to his adopted dystopia of Cold War angst,
– Visit and explore Bowie’s favorite Berlin Clubs and Cafés

Click here to look and book. Above and beyond this tour, Berlin is simply fantastic.

In Berlin, art is everywhere. Try the Grimm’s Berlin Mitte hotel. Click here to book and enjoy!

We’ll say it again. OMIO is your best way to get around Europe. Trains, planes, buses & more. Click here.

Want more Bowie? Music historian Thomas Mulready & his band, Vanity Crash have online talks & shows. Click here to book.

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