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Vous? Paresseux?*

Maybe this is a recurring dream for us, but we’ve always lusted after the chance to slowly drift in a handsome craft down the rivers and lakes of Europe and Canada: there are plenty of them to enjoy. We’ve sat, idly, by the docks and the locks, and have even become great pretenders (in our own minds) as we envisioned ourselves lounging on the highest height of an immense, yet sleek, vessel of a well-off friend, or a well-off friend of a well-off friend: any old port in a storm, if you know what we mean.

Spending ten minutes at the helm of one of these sleek glass-fibre swans would be more than enough, as we know our place, and we know our limitations. But, the thought of pretending to be the captain still pulls us wayward. What’s a wannabe to do?

Step aside in most cases (you’re in the way, matey.) But not here. As we speak, our affiliate friends, Le Boat, the self-drive boat company that offers cruises of rivers and lakes in Europe and Canada, says it has formed a 10-year partnership with Groupe Beneteau. The Beneteau group is a group of French origin active in the nautical industry. It markets more than 200 models of pleasure boats, sailing or motor, monohulls or catamarans. The Europeans know river travel, for sure. And the Europeans know “green.”

So, this expanded relationship will see the two industry leaders launch a new model and boost Le Boat’s Boat Ownership Program. In a nutshell, what this means is that there will be a plethora of new plans that will make boat rental and ownership so much easier. And, enjoying the smashing Delphia brand of boats, from Poland, will also make the proposition that much more appealing. Another plus is that electric boats are on the way, in a bid to save the planet as we discover its charms. Want to learn more about Le Boat? Click here.

The new Liberty boat range goes on sale on June 10, 2024, and will be available to cruise from selected Le Boat bases in France, Germany, England, and the Netherlands in the 2025 season. No experience is required. And, don’t forget that these fine vessels can be purchased or rented. (*Vous Paresseux? = are you lazy?) We have other cruise and seaward adventures, too. Click here.

Some content courtesy of Insider Travel Report. Click here.

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