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Very much Dutch

Parse through our website and you’ll see a bit of a trend when it comes to the Dutch, the Netherlands and how they operate. Truly one of the most magnanimous, thoughtful, forthright, intelligent and world-aware countries on the planet, they put most of us to shame. Healthcare, environment, education, non-violence, open mindedness, clear thinking, and care for the aged are just a few of the things that Netherlands do well. They are a model to be modeled and admired.

And, another shining example is transport. The Dutch use bicycles: nearly everyone either has a bicycle or, at the very least, rides one. The infrastructure for bikes is impressive: the country is famous for its cycling culture, with extensive networks of bike paths and a flat landscape that makes cycling an easy and popular mode of transportation. Combine this with picturesque landscapes, including beautiful canals, tulip fields, and charming countryside villages, you’d want to ride your bike, as well. But, if you’re smart, you’ll not ride just any bike. You’ll want the the one above. See why.

Not much of a bike rider, or a little shy? Don’t worry about that. Hop on, follow the painted lines that guide bikes versus pedestrians and within a few moments you’re off and running again. Bikes are a blast, right?

Once you’re on the ground in the Netherlands, jump on and get going! Click here to book your bike.

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