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Vamos a Toronto . . pronto!

Let’s go to Toronto now!

We think that almost everyone has a warm and fuzzy feeling about Canada.  The country is almost like the North American Sweden:  healthcare for all, low violence, a population from every corner of the world and, honestly, nice people.  You can land here and relax.

Probably the best place to start is Toronto.

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. It is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Famous for its Toronto Pride Week, Toronto has a population of 2.8 million, and it is at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which contains a further 6.2 million people in total. The city is the anchor of the Golden Horseshoe region, which wraps around Lake Ontario from Toronto to Niagara Falls and totals over 8.5 million residents, approximately a quarter of Canada’s entire population. Toronto is the fourth largest city and fifth largest urban agglomeration in North America.

What all of these statistics mean is that Toronto is big, bold and a super place to visit.  You’re not too far away from Niagara Falls, the USA and places like Frank Llloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

When you’re plotting your next trip, place Toronto near the top of the list.

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