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As old as Moses’ toes . . .

And twice as corny . . .

This must be a tough claim to back up:  being the oldest place on earth. And there must be a reason for wanting to make that claim, especially when your claim resides in one of the least populated locations on the planet.

But in recent years, science has confirmed what Aboriginal Australians, the world’s oldest continuous living culture, always knew: the Pilbara region of Western Australia is among the oldest places on Earth.

We’ve always known that Oz is a special place, for so many reasons.  Being as far away as it is from almost everything, in many ways it is a fairly good bet that “cross-breeding” was a sparse activity there.  And also, since it takes – more or less – 365–897 days to walk across the country, and in a car the road crosses through all Australian states except Tasmania and is roughly 15.000 km long. It takes at least 3 months complete a lap (however the world record is 6,5 days.)

So, it’s safe to say that human contact was thin on the ground, literally.   And this means that you will have wide open spaces when you visit.  And a virtual basket of activities to do when you’re there

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