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Un buen dia en Buenos Aires

A good day in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is one of those places that is on everyone’s list to see. Even if you know nothing about it, you want to go there. Unless you’ve been under a rock all of this time, this is one of those must-see places on the planet. And there are many reasons why. First of all, when you arrive, you’ll feel like you’re in Europe (that’s a big part of the history of the country) but it is completely unique, with a rich cultural heritage. Here are some of the best things to see and do in Buenos Aires.

Explore La Boca: Visit the colorful neighborhood of La Boca, famous for its vibrant street art, tango performances, and the iconic Caminito street. This area is full of character and offers a unique experience. Wander around Recoleta Cemetery: Pay a visit to Recoleta Cemetery, where you can see intricate mausoleums and the tomb of Eva Perón. It’s a fascinating place to explore and offers a glimpse into Argentina’s history.

Stroll through Palermo: Palermo is a trendy neighborhood known for its stylish boutiques, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. Take a walk through its leafy streets, visit the beautiful parks like Bosques de Palermo, and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

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