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Two miles per minute

By any measurement, two miles a minute is fast, and you’re probably expecting this to be some kind of experimental speed measurement. Or maybe it’s the latest idea from Elon Musk, a rocket tunnel under the sands of Nevada. Or could it be some other as-yet unknown vehicle where you need to wear a helmet and risk an onslaught of vomit? Well, surprise – it’s a train, in the USA no less, and its here right now. But, no matter what, two miles per minute is 193.121 kph. That’s fast.

And it’s courtesy of Brightline , the smart and ambitious rail company that is slowly, but surely, Shirley bringing the USA into the 20th century when it comes to rail. Even better, it’s already happening and the reality fits the promise. It’s about time. And we can’t wait.

We love rail and write about it all the time (see here) but the USA is crawling rather than flying like Europe and Asia. Cars still prevail and choke the life out of transport (and the driver’s wills to live) by not spending as they should to turn rail into a viable and – even better – a preferred mode of transport. As much as we like and truly appreciate Amtrak (and we use it whenever we can,) it is underfunded and under-loved, although there is a bustling in the corner of the US Transport department that shows that rail is not dead in the USA, but it is on life-support.

So, once again, please cast your eyes on Brightline, the spunky and scrappy Miami rail company who will assist in weaning Americans off of their petrol addiction and into smooth, quiet, luxurious and fast rail services. We’ve written quite a bit about this “save the planet through speed and luxury” company (see here) and they are not giving up.

To be transparent, right now, Brightline’s maximum operating speed is 125 mph (200 km/h). Trains cover the 235 mi (378 km)[1] route in 3 hours and 25 minutes,[6] with an average speed of 69 mph (111 km/h). Brightline’s maximum speed between Cocoa and MCO following the freeway is 201 km/hr.

Want to learn more and see what the US is missing? Click here to learn more.

Want to be one of the first into the future? Buy your Amtrak tickets here, courtesy of OMIO.

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