Try not to drool

AirBnB, constant bad press notwithstanding, has created a wonderful new model on how to travel.  Almost everyone wins.

VRBO, an Expedia company (and one of our valued affiliate friends,) have taken the model and successfully given AirBnB a run for their money:  in some recent months, they have marched past AirBnB in bookings.

But, this post is about something similar, but something different.  We’d like to introduce you to, a European accommodations website featuring beautiful boutique hotels, B&Bs, villas, beach houses, luxury holiday homes and vacation rentals

What we like about Welcome Beyond is the variety, especially boutique hotels:  sometimes they get lost in all of the noise of the internet.

Click here to learn more and book.

The relaxing Re:hof Rutenberg in Uckermark, Germany. Click above.
The cheeky 40 Winks boutique hotel in London. Click above.
Welcome Beyond has every kind of experience for you. Click above.
Eurowings fly everywhere in Europe. Click above.
When in Europe, take the trains. Click above.
As always, Tripadvisor have things to do almost everywhere, including Rutenberg. Click above.

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