Love triangles?

We have a quiz for you.  No prizes, sadly.

In the world of love, we certainly know how and where triangles fit.  But how about in the world of travel?

Triangles exist, but it has nothing to do with overexcited pilots and cabin crew.  And there is no connection to the Bermuda Triangle, either.  We’re talking about triangle routes.

Triangle routes most often involve making two stops along the way. The plane will take off from its hub city fly to its first stop. After landing, the aircraft will offload passengers and take on new ones before heading to its second stop. Once there, the plane again unloads and loads before flying back to the airport it originally departed. 

You may not even have known that such flights exist, but if you wish to fly the fastest route, you may want to double-check that you’re not stepping on to a triangle route plane.

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