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This is not clickbait

If you’re a rational person and are aware of the way the world (especially the Internet) works, the video below’s title probably sounds like clickbait, but the as you further watch the video below, it actually describes a technology that we use even now – smelting. It may not sound interesting, but these “minor” finds are the building blocks of our modern world. And to us, history is fascinating, especially since it is everywhere, under our feet, and the main reason that we live in 30-story air-conditioned apartments. As always, we try to keep you, our clever and intelligent readers, up-to-date, even when it comes to ancient applied sciences.

Close to the site of the biblical city of Tel Be’er Sheva, a team of archaeologists sweat under the hot desert sun. As they dig, they hope to uncover the secrets of this ancient settlement in modern-day Israel and preserve them for many generations to come. But what they discover is something truly remarkable: relics from a top-secret technology that could have been among the very first of its kind. And, of course, this tracks into the future, as humans build on their discoveries.

We would, of course, be negligent if we didn’t say that we also have ways for you to explore adventures like this for yourself. Do something different. Impress your friends.

Budget: $$$
Typical Prices – Hotels: from US $151.50 × 4 nights; Flights: from $1,404; Activities from US$ 120 per person
When to go: anytime
Family friendly: 4 of 5 stars
Public transportation: 2 of 5 stars
Main languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English
English speaking: 2 of 5 stars
LGBTQ+ Equality Index rank: 69 / 100

Masada is only about an hour away from Tel Aviv, a spectacular on its own. Click here for activities.

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