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There’s a Train in the Backyard

Some of us never really grow up. And why should we? That is just a prelude to growing older. So, we laud those who continue to chase their dreams, no matter where they might go. And here we have an extreme of a man, now 89 years old, who still follows that ethos. His name is Max Schlienger and, in addition to (or maybe as an antidote to) making fine wines in California, he’s followed his childhood dream and built a working model railroad. But this is not just any basement-grade labour of love, this is a commitment. And we totally get it, as rail is our past and is our future, once the world opens its eyes to how much sense rail travel makes. And, given that Max lives in California USA, this is even more laudable. Watch the video below to see how much sense “one man’s folly” can make. Oh, and by all means, stop at Max’s vineyard, buy a bottle or two of his output and be a kid, yourself, when you see his train set. Watch the video, below.

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