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The world Orbitz around you!

We’re all about travel. We have a website about it after all, right? We hit the road whenever we can, as should you. The world is a magical place, and as it gets bigger, it also gets smaller and more available, all the while getting better and more accessible. More of everything, and even more for the traveler. So many options, so many choices. What’s a person to do?

You may not have the desire to comb through every single travel website or YouTube channel. Similarly, you may not want to wander into a shopping mall and sit down face-to-face with an advisor. The choices can make your head spin. We have an idea, though, that’s worth looking into. You’ll all know Expedia (one of our affiliate friends) as they’re massive – lets face it – and they do a top job (being in the business, we’ve had to work with Expedia call centers and we’ve had really good, really personal experiences – honestly.)

But, even they can get busy, so what do you do if you want to get in touch at a busy time, but want to still be within the Expedia family? We have a suggestion. Try Orbitz, an Expedia company. The mothership itself has given Orbitz free reign to walk a slightly different path than the parent company. It’s quite good fun to see how they take that lead and make your experience different. Your editor here used to work for Orbitz and it was a lively, congenial, caring, fun and global place to work, with offices and staff literally worldwide. It was a joy to go to work there.

So, when you have a good team, you have a good result. And that’s what every traveler wants. We’ve found that Orbitz is rather clever when it comes to car rental, as well. Truly! So, if you want to try something new, give Orbitz a go.

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They have also embraced the idea of equality, no matter your race, creed or lifestyle leanings. It’s a very welcome approach. So . . . welcome!

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