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The underwater bus

If you can’t fix it, use a Band-Aid solution. Or at least that’s the case when it comes to crossing the border between the USA and Canada. Windsor Canada is a sister city with Detroit, Michigan, USA. Hundreds of people live and / or work in both cities and need to commute every day. But, imagine if your job was based in Windsor but you lived in Detroit – not an unlikely scenario – and vice versa? A nightmare, for sure. So what do they do? Give up? Unlikely. Instead, they’ve been clever. They’ve created the Tunnel Bus – which is just what it sounds like; a bus that goes in one end of a tunnel and comes out the other. Hey presto! What a simple and elegant solution. No lines, no waiting. Watch the slightly hyper, but fun, video below.

According to Wikipedia, The Michigan Central Railway Tunnel is a railroad tunnel under the Detroit River connecting Detroit, Michigan, in the United States with Windsor, Ontario, in Canada. The U.S. entrance is south of Porter and Vermont streets near Rosa Parks Boulevard.

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