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The sad Tube stop

We all have feelings: even buildings, cars, aircraft or tacos have feelings. There are instruments that can measure it and prove it. There are songs written about it. Often, when we enter a building, we can even viscerally feel its presence. Some are bright, bouncy and welcoming. With others, you can tell that they wished they’d never been built, and look forward to the day when the wrecking ball swings in like the Grim Reaper. But, let’s be realistic: none of this is the building’s fault.

We asked ChatGPT the question of whether buildings have feelings, and it replied in a very unfeeling way “No, buildings do not have feelings. Buildings are inanimate structures created by humans for various purposes, such as providing shelter, workspace, or recreation. They lack consciousness and emotional capacity. While buildings can evoke emotions or have symbolic meaning for humans, these feelings are attributed to the experiences, memories, or aesthetics associated with the buildings rather than the buildings themselves.” There is something ironic in that response.

And we went one step further in our query. We asked ChatGPT if it had any thoughts: “If the Tower Gateway Tube Station in London were to be visualized as a human being, it would be quite an interesting sight! Imagine a person dressed in a sleek, modern outfit, perhaps with a touch of the station’s iconic red and blue colors, representing the London Underground. They might have a strong and sturdy presence, symbolizing the resilience of the station’s architecture. Additionally, their demeanor could be confident and approachable, representing the convenience and accessibility that the station provides to commuters and tourists alike. Overall, this hypothetical human representation would embody the essence of the Tower Gateway Tube Station in a unique and imaginative way.”

Of course, that rather short / sharp response is what you might expect from a non-sentient entity. But even ChatGPT might question where we’re going with this post? Well, we’re going to London, England.

Our fave web video archivist / anarchist / sometime curmudgeon, Jago Hazzard has paused to think about this. We lived in London for decades and never once used the Tower Gateway Tube stop. Why not? It’s by the Towers of London, certainly a well-trampled chunk of London. It is also a DLR (Dockland Light Railway) stop, and we’ve already written about the history of that top-notch and well-loved rail service in The Smoke.

Well, if you’re curious, watch the video above and ponder alongside Jago. Something must be done. We need to know.

Speaking of sentient beings, Gary Numan had many questions in 1979. Are friends electric?

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