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The perfect road trip with the perfect weather

It’s almost like everyone’s dream, where you can jump in the car, grab the keys, hit the road, visit destinations that have been at the top of your list, and never get disappointed because of lousy weather. No, this isn’t a video game. It’s real and it’s very do-able. And it can be improved even more if you’re in a convertible. You can be one of those people, pointed toward the sun, using your other hand to make sure that your sun hat doesn’t blow away.

This post is focused on the USA because, let’s face it, the USA likes its cars. Climatologist Brian Brettschneider has organised a 360-day cross-country road trip where the temperature hovers in the almost 70°F / 21°C. Read more here courtesy of

So, why take a road trip that goes on forever? Firstly, it’s fun! Unlike flights or cruises, you’re the master of your own calendar. And that calendar can change on the spot, depending on your whims. And, who knows, maybe that perfect place to settle down awaits you as you purr through the streets there. The journey itself becomes an adventure. Exploring new landscapes, towns, and attractions along the way can be thrilling and provide a sense of discovery. The anticipation of what lies ahead adds to the excitement.

Nowadays, it’s easy to rent a classic car. Or, even better, take your own. Stretch the car’s legs.

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