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The Humboldt Forum

If you think that this post has something to global financial planning sessions, then surprise! As thrilling as that prospect may be, this is an example of organisation, cooperation of a different sort, and one that all of us can experience and enjoy. It’s proof that, when tasked, governments can collaborate, be creative and look to a sustainable future. The kicker is that it’s all based around (and created for) music, one of the few entertainments that we can always agree on.

We’re talking about the Humboldt Forum right in the heart of the German capital, Berlin. With high-profile exhibitions around art and culture, it aims to be a place for discussion and exchange. The venue can be used for meetings, assemblies and more, but it sees the most usage for music. It is constructed with sustainability in mind. The great view from the roof terrace is a must-see. And you can visit it for free (for the most part.)

Watch the video below (and image above) courtesy of the always excellent

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