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The Fleets of San Francisco

If you’re awaiting the moment when Karl Malden rushes up and arrests you, please sit back and relax. That won’t happen – at least not in real life. But, whether you even know who Karl Malden is or not, you must, at some point, experience this San Francisco treat. While there are many treats in that hilly city, one of the best is the famous cable cars. The idea for the cable car system was conceived by Andrew Smith Hallidie in 1869. Inspired by witnessing a horse-drawn streetcar accident on a steep hill, Hallidie aimed to create a safer and more efficient mode of transportation.

The first successful cable car line, the Clay Street Hill Railroad, began operation on August 2, 1873, and they continue to this day. National Landmark: In 1964, the cable car system was named a National Historic Landmark, recognizing its historical significance and engineering ingenuity.

And, these are not just toys or “tricks.” The system sees millions of riders annually, with a significant portion being tourists. However, it remains a functional part of the city’s public transit system for residents as well.

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