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The coast(s) with the most(s)

If we could, we would like to spend most of our days floating in the bath-like waters of almost any beach or island, no matter where it is. Truly, is there anything better than lying face-up or face-down in the sand (or on a rocker or a hammock) as you slowly roast yourself to a golden brown colour? And imagine that imaginative image being enhanced even more by an endless supply of tipsy beverages being delivered to your awaiting hands, with your only effort being rolling over and accepting the concoction. This is what we live for, no? Yes! So here are some tempting options for you, scattered around this amazing planet on which we live.

Well, let us tempt you with a targeted list of those island / beach / hideaway / pueblo places that not only fill the requirements listed above, but also are startlingly beautiful and addictive. Some, you may know: others are anxiously awaiting to know you. Read on. Better yet, jump on a plane tout suite!

Navpoli, Greece

(Greek: Ναύπλιο) is a coastal city located in the Peloponnese in Greece and it is the capital of the regional unit of Argolis and an important touristic destination. Founded in antiquity, the city became an important seaport in the Middle Ages during the Frankokratia as part of the lordship of Argos and Nauplia, held initially by the de la Roche following the Fourth Crusade before coming under the Republic of Venice and, lastly, the Ottoman Empire. The city was the second capital of the First Hellenic Republic and of the Kingdom of Greece, from 1827 until 1834. But when you walk away from the history, you’ll be calmed by one of the best beaches in Europe. From US$ 63.47 per person. Click here to book.

Zanzibar: Lunch on the Sandbank (and a Prison Island Tour) 

It’s one thing to relax on the sand, in the sun (and, boy, do we like that.) But how about taking your tan a few steps further and immersing yourself in the magic of Zanzibar with a visit to the history-rich Prison Island, followed by a traditional BBQ lunch. Explore the island and learn about its past. Admire the array of wild tortoises that live there and relax on the sandy beach. From US$ 87 per person Click here to book.

Panama City: 4-Day Island Hopping San Blas Adventure

Panama City – 4-Day Island Hopping San Blas Adventure Explore San Blas on a 4-days island hopping adventure. Visit more than 6 islands, go hiking in San Blas jungle, enjoy a Money Heist tour in Pelicano island, and snorkel in crystal-clear waters. From US$ 539 per person Click here to look and book.

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