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Tag, you’re it

Ah, it’s a funny old world, isn’t it? When things go wrong, you have a few choices. 1. Get angry and throw a fit. 2. Just deal with it – it happens. Or 3 – in this case. Turn it into a laugh-out-loud lesson. An American Airlines passenger arrived at Fort Lauderdale airport, accidentally leaving their wallet behind on the flight. He reported the wallet missing. The passenger had an AirTag in his wallet, and the AirTag informed him that the wallet was still on the plane. And, he says, he watched his wallet travel to 35 cities. Some wallets have all the luck.

He had a few options to take.

1: He should have gotten better lost-and-found service as an AAdvantage Platinum member.

2: Complain as, as clearly, the airline didn’t do the best job of cleaning their aircraft if they hadn’t discovered the wallet. Or….

3 – and this is the best one – he should be credited for the miles that his wallet flew!

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